The Carl von Linné Clinic and the Linnea Clinic's Environmental impact policy

The Carl von Linné Clinic and the Linnea Clinic’s environmental impact policy
Protecting the environment is an integrated and natural part of the Carl von Linné Clinic when investigating and treating infertility. Of course this also is an important aspect for the Linnea ´Gynecology Clinic.

In compliance with current environmental laws and regulations, we will constantly strive to minimize any possible environmental impact caused by our operations.

This will be achieved by:
- Actively managing the business so that our resource use is minimized
- Engaging and informing our staff about environmental issues in order to encourage all to actively participate in finding ways of improvements
- Seeing that our product choices before, during and after usage, as far as possible, are environmentally friendly
- Informing our patients about our environmental policy

Our general environmental goals are to:
- Reduce resource consumption
- Reduce climate impact

The Carl von Linné Clinic is certified according to ISO 14001. See also here.