Frozen/thawed embryo transfer

About half of IVF/ICSI treatments give enough good quality embryos to be able to freeze one or more. These embryos are frozen to allow for transfer later if the fresh transferred embryo did not result in pregnancy or to be used later in hopes of a sibling.

Frozen/thawed embryo transfers are done either in a natural menstrual cycle or using ovulation stimulation treatment. The number of days after ovulation that the thawing and transfer will occur is dependent on the number of days after egg retrieval that the embryo has been frozen. We will be happy to help you determine how many days after ovulation the transfer will occur. Feel free to contact us if you have frozen embryos and would like to do a frozen/thaw transfer!

Acceptance form if the man cannot attend the frozen/thaw embryo transfer

If the man cannot come to the clinic at the frozen/thawed embryo transfer, we need a certificate indicating that he is aware of and agrees to the transfer. The acceptance form to print and fill in can be found here.